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        Rev seers and the Leaders of the Jain Community; Shravaks are in dilemma that how it would be possible to send to the modern generation the tradition of our religious and culture in the present day atmosphere, study and bringing up set up. It is better that we take maximum advantage  of the latest technology to move forward the tradition of our religious, culture and the rule of Bhagwan Mahavir which is going to last for 21000 years. The Jains have treasure of secrets of religious and cultural write ups stored in best books written by ancient and modern preceptors and monks. But the modern generation will remain far far away from this treasure of knowledge; stored in books, under the influence of modern education and western culture in the whole world, extinction of the Sanskrit & Prakrit languages.

        The advantage of Pathshala (Religious Madresas), Retreats and lectures can only be avail to limited people and in limited fields. There can not be any place in the world where Jains do not live. Internet and easy mobilization as well as globalization and business throughout the world have merged the world in such a way that it looks like a single city.

        There is a limitation for Rev. Seers to reach everywhere but technology can reach anywhere. Rushabh creation has principal aim to prepare projects on our religious and cultural issues in the form of easy audio and video, convert into DVD, place it on internet, VCD and send them through electronic media to modern generation.

        Let you pour Fuel and donate in the propagation of Jain Shashan. Let you provide strength to Rushabh Craeation! Although the Jains seem to be ahead in many fields but they lack behind in media field. To cope up it we must welcome the possibilities of the merger of Shrut Gyan and technology. It is extremely necessary to present the subjects like food habits, JivVichar (Soul Theory), Nav Tatva (Nine Elements), Karma Granth (Karmic Mattaers), Hellish and Heaven phenomena etc. Rushabh creation is formulating the proposals and busy manufacturing CDs and DVDs on these subjects. Your co operation is one of the important factor in such Yagya so that the coming modern generation can match their steps with the religious and cultural heritage.

        We invite you to become one of the participants in such a noble cause.

        If generous people like you do not partake in such a noble cause, who else can become guide to the society in donating to such a humble cultural and religious activities?

        We know you are extremely busy in your activities. It is a symptom of modern day, but we must have spiritual goal in our life and this goal only be achieved when we spare some moments from our busy schedule. Therefore we request you to donate something in these humble and noble tasks and encourage us.

        As such each Jain is obedient disciple of Jin Shashan. But some have to take leadership to carry the burden at the social level of internal area and we seek your cooperation in effort to become leader in this field.

                                                                                                                             Thanking you,
                                                                                                                             Rajan R. Mehta

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